Imaginate. A Bojan Krkić Story. Part 5.

Hi everyone, I’m sorry that I haven’t updated in such a long time. I just figured no one really wanted to read the story anymore so I stopped updating but didn’t stop writing. This part is a little short but it’s just a little something to solve the small cliffhanger. I will be sending in the next part very soon. <3 
Thank you for your support guys. I really appreciate it. xx 

Everything seemed to be back to normal for the next few days and it was absolutely perfect. Every morning I woke up with a shower of kisses, Bojan’s bright smile and a cup of black coffee; just the way I liked it. He would drive me to work before he left for training and would pick me up for lunch and take me back to work, just so he could pick me back up at the end of the day.

But what he had said a few days prior was still nagging me constantly, pressing me in the back of my mind. ‘Blanca? What made him think of Blanca? I’m nothing like her… Am I?’ ‘No, I’m nothing like Blanca. I’m… better, better for him.’

I played with his high school ring as we waited at the light. I figured it was time to bring it up. “Bo… am I like Blanca?” I asked, turning in my seat to give him a nervous look. His eyebrows knit together as he turned to look at me a concerned look covering his features. “No…” And suddenly he understood.

“Niña… Is it what I said the other night?” He chuckled and leaned over to place a loving kiss to my bottom lip. “I was just saying… She’s… well she’s the only other girl that I’ve dated. I was just saying that… if I had made the mistake of staying with her, then she wouldn’t have acted as calm as you were and I’m sure they certainly wouldn’t have liked her as much as they did you.” He winked and pecked softly at my bottom lip again.

“Bien, mi princesa?” He smiled and let out another chuckle, his eyes softening on my worried frown. I chewed on my bottom lip and nodded slowly. “Bien… I just… I don’t want to be a mistake like she was.”

He shook his head and gave my hand a soft squeeze. “You won’t be. That was her doing you know. She was the one that cheated on me.” He shrugged and pulled away from the now green light before pulling up to the curb in front of my office. He leaned over and kissed my cheek gently. “Have fun at work. We will talk about this later if you want, si?”

I nodded and kissed his cheek back. “I will see you for lunch then? And we will talk about it some other time, when the time is right.” I smiled, opening up the door slowly. He nodded and smiled back. “Like every day, nena.”

I got out of the car to get my purse from the back seat. I hitched it up on my shoulder and shut the door. As I turned to walk away the passenger’s window rolled down and he called out my name. “You think you can leave without giving me a kiss? No, no, no.” He winked and leaned over in his seat, puckering his lips in a dramatic way.

I rolled my eyes and smiled before giving him a kiss. “I will see you for lunch, Bo. Try not to get yourself in trouble today.” I winked and pulled my head out of the car to finally turn to trot up the front steps and up into my building.

I waited in the elevator, tapping my healed foot quietly to the soothing elevator music until a short, busty brunette came bounding into the lift with a grin and a stack of papers. On top was the latest issue of one of the many obnoxious gossip magazines here in Spain. See, normally I would have chuckled to myself and brushed it off but… you see.

Bojan and I were on the front page. In bold, bright gold letters it read;


I blinked several times; trying to shake my head to see if it was really there, but when I opened up my eyes again it was still there, in nasty comic sans print.

‘Ah, puta madre. What’s going to happen now?’

I leaned over the girl, probably making her uneasy, as I tried to read the headlines. But she turned around and gave me a hard glare. “Excuse me, but can I help you?” She snapped, her beady eyes narrowing at me.

I coughed awkwardly, shaking my head. “I’m sorry, Señora… But I was trying to read your magazine. Could I possibly buy that off you?” I nearly pleaded, searching for my wallet in my purse. The girl’s eyes widened and she shoved the magazine in my chest. “No, take it. Just stop breathing down my neck!” She quickly got off at the next floor but not before giving me the oddest look and scurrying away.

I flipped through the pages to find that we were the centerfold. It was all the pictures of us from a couple days ago. I knew that I shouldn’t have said anything, but Bojan insisted it would be alright and I believed him. But what if they didn’t like me?

“God damnit, Milena!” I yelped, slamming the magazine down on her desk as she silently snoozed, forehead pressed against the keyboard. She jumped up, screeching awkwardly. “What! I’m up! I was just checking the keyboard for… dust! It’s sticking-,” She blinked and sighed as she realized it was only me.

“You scared me, Lai.” She shivered and looked up at me, scrunching up her face. “What is it? Did you really have to wake me up like that?” She yawned and fixed her brunette curls and dress jacket that nearly matched mine.

I tossed the magazine on her keyboard and laughed. “Yes, it’s worth it. Bo and I made centerfold and front page. Fantastico, no?” I chuckled again as she stared in awe at the magazine cover. She hardly spoke Catalan but she tried to read it anyways.

“They’re… stupid. The magazines have just now noticed us… Not that I minded, but honestly, Lena.” I smirked and shook my head. “It’s ridiculous.” I sat at the edge of her desk and let my purse slump to the floor.

“NO! This is awesome. You’re ‘officially’ Bojan’s girlfriend. You can now be public about-,” She stared at the picture of us kissing. “You’re so god damn cute, Lai! Why have I not seen this cuteness before? It’s perfect.” She beamed, flipping through the magazine once more before turning back to the front page to bask in my attention.

She seemed happier about this than I was.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy about the whole front page story and all that jazz, but… I don’t know. I found it all so stupid. I don’t want our relationship to be in the spotlight, so hopefully this would end soon and we could go back to going out to eat with no one there to bother us.

I sat there in thought as Lena struggled to read the foreign language. She eventually gave up and went back to napping on her keyboard. What pulled me from my thoughts was a loud, short buzzing in my purse. I slipped off the desk and pulled out my phone, opening up the text.

It was Bojan.

Hola nena. I hate to bother you at work, but have you seen the magazine? You look gorgeous. Everyone was bugging me about it when I got on the pitch. I thought I would tell you. I’ll see you at lunch. Te Amo. xx

I smirked and replied.

Si cariño. I have. Te amo también. Can’t wait to see you.

“Alright, get a load of this, Lena.” I laughed, setting the phone down to turn to her. “So… he compared me to Blanca…. And thought that I wouldn’t say anything about it. He literally said, that if it were Blanca in that position she wouldn’t have acted that way.” She raised her eyebrows and laughed quietly, shaking her head.

“Boys will be boys, Lai, boys will be boys. They never know what to say. I know it took Andreu months to figure out how to ask me out…. When all he had to say was; Drinks? Honestly, they’re crazy.” She was beaming. She always lit up at the thought of her boyfriend.

I nodded, agreeing with her before slipping off the desk to disappear into my office.

You’re probably wondering what I do for a living. It’s not really that important but, I know you’re all curious. Have you ever heard of medical coding? Yeah, that’s what I do. But I was responsible for all of the major sports teams for most of Spain. So every time Piqué busted open another part of his face, or God forbid anyone else, and needed medical attention, I had to code it and put it in his medical file. I pretty much kept track of who hurt what, when, where and how. I made sure all the boys got to their physical therapy sessions and the doctors checked up on them and attended to what needing attending.

When no one was playing or got hurt, I sat at my desk twiddling my fingers and doodling on my desk calendar. Today was one of those days.

I guess I must have dozed off at my desk because the next thing I remember was Lena violently shaking me awake. “Get your lazy ass up! Your Bojan is here for you.” She winked and motioned towards the door where he stood, cleaned up and dressed in a casual collared shirt and jeans. I pushed her away and laughed quietly.

“Get out of here.” I smiled and stood up to stride quickly over to Bojan. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. “When did you get here, nene?” I asked, looking up at him with a smile still on my face.

“Just a few minutes. But do you always sleep on the job?” He teased, squeezing my sides playfully. I shook my head and laughed lightly. “Not always…” I winked and kissed him softly. “It’s only when you boys are careful on the pitch. It’s good when I have slow days.” I nodded as he kissed me again.

He shooed me into my office, slowly shutting the door behind him with a devious smirk on his lips.


“Bojan, you know I can’t do this at my work. Mi jefe es… well, she’s next door. You know what would happen if she heard us and walked in on us… you know that wouldn’t be good… at all.” I placed my finger tips against his jaw, trying to push him away playfully. “Come on, Bo. Let’s get something to eat. I’m hungry and you have to be back in an hour. Si, vamos?” I grinned and kissed his cheek, trying to push him off me again.

He looked down at the ground and then back up at me, his eyes so doe-like it made me frown. “Bo, come on. Let’s go.” He sighed and slipped his hands off me and into his pockets. “I’m coming home tonight, Bo. It’s not like…” I rolled my eyes and kissed his jaw.

‘It’s not like we never have sex. We just haven’t had it… since I came back… A while ago.’ I thought, but shook it off as I felt his hand slide into my back pocket and form comfortably against the curve of my ass.

“So where to?” He smiled, keeping me close as we walked out of the office. I shrugged in response, chewing on my bottom lip. “I’m not sure. Wherever you want to go?”

He quietly decided before we got to the car. I didn’t ask, he knew what we both enjoyed so I left it up to him. Like usual, we sat in the car in a comfortable silence, hand in hand until we reached out destination; just another small café.

We sat in the café, chatting and eating like normal, but then his phone rang. His lips pursed together as he scrambled to get the BlackBerry from his pocket before it stopped ringing. He answered it quickly and pressed it to his ear.

A few quick lines were uttered in Catalan and then he hung up. I didn’t know what it was about but his lips formed a tighter line and his jaw clenched. “I have to go. I’ll be back. I’m sorry. But I have to go home. Something happened back at home. I’ll…” He got up and leaned over the table to place a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Te amo. I will miss you, a lot. I will be back as soon as I can… I-I’m sorry.” He wrapped his pointer and middle finger around the back of my jaw and pulled my face up, drawing my posture up straight. He kissed me slow and long before he had to dash out of the café.

“Te amo… I guess.” I blinked and watched him dive into his car.

What happened?